42385 - Blind Faith - Mississippi Canyon 696
URN : ioos:station:wmo:42385
Location : 28.34 -88.266
Parameter : Seawater currents
2021-10-182021-10-192021-10-202021-10-212021-10-222021-10-232021-10-24 78m to 81m 110m to 113m 142m to 145m 174m to 177m 206m to 209m 238m to 241m 270m to 273m 302m to 305m 334m to 337m 366m to 369m 398m to 401m 430m to 433m 462m to 465m 494m to 497m 526m to 529m 558m to 561m 590m to 593m 2021-10-182021-10-192021-10-202021-10-212021-10-222021-10-232021-10-24