42884 - Ocean Blackhawk - KC 919
URN : ioos:station:wmo:42884
Location : 28.893 -87.9843
Parameter : Seawater currents
2021-10-182021-10-192021-10-202021-10-212021-10-222021-10-232021-10-24 43m to 46m 59m to 62m 75m to 78m 91m to 94m 107m to 110m 123m to 126m 139m to 142m 155m to 158m 171m to 174m 187m to 190m 203m to 206m 219m to 222m 235m to 238m 251m to 254m 267m to 270m 283m to 286m 299m to 302m 315m to 318m 331m to 334m