Notices to Lessees and Operators (NTLs) are formal documents that provide clarification, description, or interpretation of a regulation or OCS standard; provide guidelines on the implementation of a special lease stipulation or regional requirement; provide a better understanding of the scope and meaning of a regulation by explaining BSEE interpretation of a requirement; or transmit administrative information such as current telephone listings and a change in BSEE personnel or office address. This stipulation require offshore lesees to provide oceanographic data. This site was developed to faciliate the collection, processing and reporting of the required data to the public.

NOTE: In addition to daily status reports of data submission, data providers can configure data delivery services, alerts, and modify metadata elements at any time when this site is fully operational.

Click here if you are a data provider to request for a new account to stream data to GCOOS server for processing.

A Web Accessible Folder (WAF) is provided to present the raw data, data converted to a Comma Separated Value (CSV) and a netCDF data format equivalent.   An inventory of the stations, observations received, status of each station contributing data to this repository, and a link to view details of the station.   Link to the netCDF data that are also served via GCOOS ERDDAP server.